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Hostme v2 – Responsive WordPress Theme



Live PreviewHostme v2 Responsive WordPress Theme - 5


Hostme v2 is clean and minimal responsive design built with HTML5 & CSS3 coding and easy to use Shortcodes with loads of features in it. After hard work of our team we have implemented many features in this theme which makes your project easier and better than before and can be used for multipurpose websites such as hosting, business, portfolio, and other as well.

The main content block is placed before the sidebar regardless of the sidebar position, so it is crawled first by search engines, so it’s SEO Optimized. Hostme v2 has tons of features like Sliders on any page. Unlimited colors, Unlimited portfolios without or with sidebars, Sortable Portfolio, 500+ Google fonts, 9 custom widgets and much much more…

Theme Features List

  • Flex Slider
  • Business Hours Plugin worth $12
  • Planbox Slider Specially Designed for Hosting
  • Static Image Slider
  • Set Static Image with or without external link
  • Video Stage Slider
  • Video Slider Supports Shortcodes.
  • Supports YouTube and Vimeo too.
  • 2 Header Styles
  • Unlimited Colors
  • Unlimited Sidebars
  • 350+ Icons from Fontawesome
  • Portfolio Display Order (ID, name, count, menu order )
  • Normal Portfolios
    • 1 column portfolio
    • 2 column portfolio
    • 3 column portfolio
    • 4 column portfolio
    • Normal portfolio with sidebar
  • 4 Portfolio Types (Image, Sideshow, Video)
  • Sortable Portfolio
    • 1 column sortable
    • 2 column sortable
    • 3 column sortable
    • 4 column sortable
    • Sortable portfolio with sidebar
  • Events Custom Post Type
  • Events list template
  • Events list carousel
  • Events Single Page
  • Portfolio Carousel
  • Testimonial Carousel
  • Left Sidebar option
  • Right Sidebar option
  • Full width page option
  • Assign Slider to any page.
  • Disable breadcrumb for any page you wish
  • Use Left/Sidebar for any page you wish
  • Add Subheader background color for any page
  • Choose Subheader background image or color for any page.
  • Add Background Image for any page.
  • 500+ Google Web Fonts
  • Staff Presentation Shortcodes
  • Unlimited Sociable’s
  • Widgetized Footer
  • Feature Box Shortcode with Custom Icon
  • Services with fontawesome icon Shortcode
  • Services with custom icon shortcode
  • Google Custom Font Shortcode
  • Custom Admin Login Logo
  • Sound Cloud Shortcode HTML Type
  • Sound Cloud Shortcode Flash Type
  • Progress Bar Horizontal
  • Progress Bar Circled
  • Custom Font Face Uploader
  • Google Map Styler with custom colors
  • Custom Slider Option where you can add 3rd Party Sliders.
  • Demo Spacer Shortcode with margins
  • New Fancybox Shortcode
  • 4 Dividers Thin, Fat, Dotted & Dashed
  • Divider with Custom Colors
  • Blog Post Meta ON/OFF in theme options panel
  • Blog Post Meta ON/OFF in blog post Shortcode.
  • Sliders Multiple Categories Selector
  • Framed Box Shortcode with 2 Styles
  • Fancy Ampersand Shortcode
  • Highlight Styles
  • Full width Section Layout with Background Colors
  • Testimonial Lists Display
  • Sticky Bar on top
  • 7 Custom Widgets
    • Twitter
    • Flickr
    • Popular Posts
    • Recent Posts
    • Contact Info
    • Contact Form
    • Sociable’s
    • Testimonials
    • Testimonials Submission
  • Custom Post Type
    • Portfolio
    • Testimonials
    • Events
    • Slider
  • Multi Threaded Comments
  • 100’s of Custom Shortcodes
  • Portfolio Single Page with Attachment Sliders
  • 9 Post Formats (Standard, Aside, Audio, Link, Image, Gallery, Quote, Status, Video)
  • Built in Shortcodes Generator.
  • Advanced Options Panel (Import or Export for options settings.)
  • Blog Style Layout
  • Custom Backgrounds
    • Header
    • Sub header
    • Footer
    • Teaser
  • Stretched and Boxed Layout
  • Google Map shortcode (Multiple Marker)
  • Extensive Documentation
  • Child Theme Compatible
  • Localization ready
  • WordPress MU Compatible
  • WordPress 3.8.1 Ready
  • Updates Change log

    ## 6.0.1 – 2021-04-08

    - Sanitized HTML strings
    - Removed registered theme support menu as deprecated by WP
    - Removed Widgets from theme and added as a separate plugin
    - Removed twitter class as its not supported anymore for this theme
    - Added sanitized allowed html tags supporting for theme options
    - Added wp_body_open() function in body
    - Sanitized javascript for the jplayer HTML
    - Fixed theme options loading blank since WP 5.3
    - Fixed jquery deprecated functions issue
    - Fixed theme demo installations not loading
    - Fixed theme demo import failed to load data
    - Fixed google maps not loading over ssl sites
    - Removed Business Hours Pro plugin as its no longer supported
    - Updated images resize functions to compatible with php7.4
    - Updated slider revolutions to version 6.4.6
    - Removed flickr widget and shortcode
    - Updated child theme to the latest version
    - Fixed functions.php Modified to make it sanitized.
    - Added Shortcodes moved to Hostmev2 Custom Widgets Plugin
    - Added new body_class() missing function
    - Updated header.php file with the latest version
    - Fixed CSS Issues in style.css file
    - Changed All the textdomains and replaced with 'hostmev2'
    - Removed unwanted edit_post_link functions in pages and posts
    - Fixed Sample Theme Options not importing
    - Fixed page pagination missing from single post and page
    - Fixed register_post_type for theme options placed in the hostmev2 custom widgets plugin
    * Kindly make changes to the child theme files carefully *

    ## 5.5 – 2018-01-25

    Fixed: Code Indentation in header file to load sliders faster
    Fixed: Columns issue with layouts in new mobile devices
    Fixed: Search domain display issue on mobile devices
    Fixed: Flexslider caption issue with width in mobile devices
    Fixed: Services Icon Boxes issue with mobile devices
    Fixed: Services Icon Boxes issue with iPad devices
    Fixed: Blockquote issue with citation alignments and spacings
    Fixed: FancyToggle line height issue with toggle
    Fixed: Icons with small,medium,large,xlarge,xxlarge line heights
    Fixed: Removed forced background color for theme default color styling
    Updated: Business Hours Pro to v5.2
    Updated: Slider Revolution to v5.4.6.4
    Updated: Optimized custom jquery
    Fixed: Sticky Topbar issue when admin bar is enabled
    Updated: Woocommerce template updates for the product single page
    Fixed: Shop page columns issue
    Removed: unwanted columns issue with custom woocommerce css 

    ## 5.0.2 – 2017-02-26

    Updated: Business Hours Pro to v4.1.0
    Fixed: wrong demo data for the theme.
    Fixed: wrong demo options for the theme.

    ## 5.0.1 – 2017-02-09

    Fixed: Width issue for the featured image in posts since 5.0.0
    Fixed: Tables width issue replaced from 1080px to 1170px
    Fixed: Post Format Gallery issue with flex slider

    ## 5.0.0 – 2017-02-08

    Updated: New Localization defafult.pot file  …
    Removed: deprecated tags from theme info in style.css
    Updated: text domains for the frontend and backend.
    Fixed: Theme Options Importing issue
    Fixed: flex slider animation speed in default options  …
    Updated: Default footer widgets from 2 - 4 on activation
    Updated: Flexslider v2.4.0  …
    Added: Flex Slider Caption option
    Added: Flex Slider Caption Alignment
    Added: Flex Slider Animation for the caption
    Updated: Flex Slider direction nav icons
    Added: New One Click Demo Installer
    Updated: New Admin User Interface
    Fixed: Post type icons to dash icons
    Added: FlexSlider caption enable disable option
    Updated: datepicker UI Conflict with the breadcrumb NavXT plugin
    Updated: scripts enqueue in footer paramenter in head.php
    Updated: Loads flex slider script on request.
    Removed: deprecated fontawesome css and folder.
    Replace Note: 'icon' prefix should be replace with 'fa' now.
    Proper enqueue of the WHMCS custom css file
    Removed: atpadminnew.css and combined all in atpadmin.css
    Updated: Google Fonts - Now total 700+ Google fonts
    Fixed: About Author appears if there is no biography
    Fixed: prefix and wrap for the breadcrumb navXT Plugin
    Fixed: float errors for the breadcrumbs over subheader content alignments,
    Removed: Old one click demo installer
    Updated: New fontawesome icons for the options panel menu links
    Removed: Twitter key options. Should be replaced with any other third party plugins
    Updated: Theme Options panel data export and import options
    Updated: Slider Revollution to v5.3.1.5
    Updated: color codes and default theme installation now showing as demo.
    Updated: default list style type to circle from square style.
    Updated: default color code #1abc9c replaced with #055bc4
    Updated: default fontsize increased from 13px to 15px
    Updated: theme layout size increased from 1080px to 1170 pixels
    Updated: New superfix menu with clear prefixes and revamped style
    Added: New Mobile menu added.
    Removed: old mobile menu jquery
    Added: Footer Top Area Widget
    Added: Footer Bottom Area Widget
    Added: Footer Top Bar Left Widget
    Added: Footer Top Bar Right Widget
    Added: Footer Branches Widget to appear in the copyright right section
    Added: Footer Copyright Left Widget
    Added: Footer Copyright Right Widget
    Added: Custom css name field option for widget
    Updated: New fontawesome icons for the contactinfo widget
    Added: New Style added style="minimal" attribue for the accordion
    Added: New Style added style="minimal" attribue for the toggles
    Updated: Services Icons section icons alignment issue for left and right.
    Updated: Custom Google Font option for the google font shortcode
    Updated: TGM Class Activation Plugin
    Updated: WHMCS default css
    Added: Prefix for the datepicker UI css
    Added: Fancy toggle minimal style
    Added: Accordion minimal style
    Fixed: several minor issues when viewed in responsive mode
    Updated: Theme  Options moved from parent to Appearance tab in admin
    Fixed: issue with footer elements and space appearning if there is no content
    Removed: unwanted sociable images
    Removed: unwanted colorcpicker images
    Removed: unwanted ui images
    Removed: post type icons and other icons used which are deprecated
    /* Child Theme Modification */
    Note: Kindly please take a backup of your existing theme and its options and
    content and everything before making an update.

    ## 4.3.0 – 2016-07-28

    Updated : Woocommerce templates to the latest versions
    Fixed : readmore text string localization
    Updated : Version number in style.css
    Removed : unwanted post format for the slider post type
    Fixed : readmore text localization.
    Fixed : sticky header overlapping when admin logged in
    Removed : unwanted code from the functions file
    Fixed : undefined variable issue for testimonial submission
    Updated : textdomain for the footer widgets
    Updated : Revolution Slider to v5.2.6
    Updated : Business hours pro v3.6.3
    Updated : TGMPA class file to the latest version
    Updated : TGMPA to the latest version
    Fixed : text domains for the shortcode meta options
    Fixed : Google enqueue scripts with API Key option
    Fixed : text domains for the woocommerce page templates
    Added : Google Map API Key option in theme options
    Updated : WP_Filesystem function for importing sample data xml
    Updated : wordpress importer with fopen and fclose with sanitized functions
    Updated : wordpress importer plugin
    Updated : correct text domains for the importer plugin
    Updated : correct text domains for admin options
    Updated : comments string with localization
    Updated : remove string with localization for archive
    *Child Theme*
    Updated : Version to the latest version
    Added : Title tag support 
    Updated : enqueue the parent and child theme stylesheets
    Removed : import the parent theme stylesheet using @import:
    Added : child theme support for sections and partial section shortcode

    ## 4.2.0 – 2016-05-03

    Updated : Revolution Slider v5.2.5
    Updated : Business Hours Pro v3.5.2
    Updated : Breadcrumb Navxt v5.4.0
    Updated : WHMCS Bridge v3.5.1
    Updated : CSS3 Responsive Web Pricing Tables Grids v10.4
    Added : New Shortcode Tabbed Section Scroller
    Fixed : Minor issue with theme options not saving
    Modified : WHMCS Templates

    ## 4.1.0 – 2015-11-19

    Added : Woocommerce shopping cart icon in header style 1
    Added : Woocommerce shopping cart icon in header style 2
    Added : Tabs Nav Section for hosting specifications.
    Updated : Revolution Slider v 5.1.3
    Updated : Business Hours Pro v 5.2.3

    ## 4.0.0 – 2015-11-13

    Fixed : Fancyheading modified for better performance
    Fixed : Services Icon shortcode padding with background color 
    Fixed : Line-height issue with fancy heading title.
    Added : Fancyheading Border color inheritance with textcolor.
    Added : Opacity for the fancy heading description to 0.6
    New : Woocommerce Compatibility Integrated
    New : Woocommerce with custom sidebar manager
    New : WooCommerce Tested with Latest Version
    New : WooCommerce Layout with responsive layouts.
    Updated : Import Sample Data file
    Updated : Options Panel Sample Data file
    Updated : Revolution Slider v 5.1.1

    ## 3.0.0 – 2015-09-02

    Fixed : Deprecated php constructors in WordPress 4.3
    Added : WHMCS Bridge Basic Plugin
    Added : CSS3 Responsive Web Pricing Tables Grids Plugin
    Added : Business Hours Pro plugin worth $15
    Updated : Separated WHMCS css file in root whmcs.css
    Updated : Revolution Slider v5.0.5
    Updated : Breadcrumb NavXT v5.2.2
    Updated : Theme Options Demo Options Data
    Updated : Import Export Sample Content Data
    Updated : Import Sample Widgets Data
    Updated : New User Interface for the WHMCS v6.0+
    Updated : Documentation for the WHMCS Bridge Setup
    Removed : Business Hours Basic Plugin

    ## 2.4.0 – 2015-06-30

    Updated : jQuery PrettyPhoto to version 3.1.6
    Added : Theme support for title-tag
    Updated : Breadcrumb NavXT PLugin
    Updated : Revolution Slider Plugin
    Updated : TGM Class Activation Plugin
    Fixed : Google Font Bad Value Issue
    Removed : Google Analytics option removed from theme options panel.
    Updated : Fontawesome to 4.3.0
    Fixed : Customizer loading empty 
    Updated : Footer Sidebar Title changed to Widgets area
    Updated : post class filter removed

    ## 2.3.3 – 2015-01-23

    Fixed : Header styling issues with ID selector
    Added : new theme options demo added in import options section
    Added : Theme Options import options available now
    Added : Theme Options export and download the txt file

    ## 2.3.2 – 2015-01-22

    Added : default case for the domain extension.
    Added : 1 Click installation for the theme sample data.
    Added : 1 Click installation for the theme options
    Added : Import Export Options Data
    Fixed : Child theme bug issue.
    Fixed : WordPress 4.1 compatibility for taxonomies
    Fixed : categories issues with WordPress recent updates.
    Updated : Breadcrumb-navxt plugin to the latest version

    ## 2.3.1 – 2015-01-21

    Added : Domain Finder default extension added.
    Added : Empty paragraph elements display none.
    Fixed : Compatibility with WordPress 4.1
    Fixed : The efficiency of meta and tax queries has been improved.
    Fixed : Child theme bugs in the recent updates.
    Updated : Compressed more javascript files for better performance.

    ## 2.3.0 – 2014-12-24

    New - Domain Search Shortcode for WHMCS Plugin
    New - Complete revamp of the responsive css
    New - Mobile menu changed to the new version
    Added - Domain Search Option tab
    Added - Domain Search extention options
    Added - Domain Search checker URL option
    Added - Simple Featured Class for the pricing table
    Added - iPhone 5s Responsive css
    Added - iPhone 4s responsive css
    Added - Destop regular sizes responsive css
    Added - Very Small mobile devices respnsive css
    Added - CSS for WHMCS clients login area
    Added - WHMCS css for widgets
    Added - filter to add last-post class
    Added - Pricing Table Columns now can be added by shortcode
    Added - Progress bar shortcode animation works on scroll
    Added - Services Icons sizes option in shortcode
    Added - Services Icons alignment option in shortcode
    Added - Fancyheading alignment option in shortcode
    Added - Fancyheading extra headings styles in shortcode
    Added - Responsive CSS for domain search shortcode
    Fixed - Undefined Variables
    Fixed - Planbox Button shortcode disappears on mouseout
    Fixed - Blog Template Pagination fixed
    Fixed - Blog page last post border removed
    Fixed - Accordion true by default
    Fixed - Blockquote Citation CSS Alignent
    Fixed - Google Map Hybrid not displaying issue
    Fixed - Testimonial shortcode display by categories
    Fixed - disabling subheader showing still issue
    Fixed - Header fixed layout in mobile devices issue
    Updated - prefixes changed from 'atp' to 'iva' in head.php
    Updated - Header elements changed to work on all devices
    Removed - unwanted jquery enqueue in the flex slider shortcode

    ## 2.2.0 – 2014-11-11

    Updated - Sanitized the Data Validation query in functions.php
    Updated - wp_title filter to modify the output
    Fixed - Security vulnerability fixes in admin-interface.php
    Fixed - Fixed undefined variables
    Updated - Options Panel Admin UI fuild layout
    Fixed - Deprecated get_theme_data() removed.
    Fixed - alignment center for the sociables on staff
    Removed - edit page link from page and stretched template
    Updated - compress the page meta options ui.

    ## 2.0.2 – 2014-08-15

    Fixed : Child Theme Activation bug with empty space.

    ## 2.0.1 – 2014-08-13

    Updated : Revolution Slider to Version 4.5.95
    Updated : Child Theme Extendibility
    Fixed : Shortcode complete folder for add function exists
    Fixed : Screenshot disappear in themes core function
    Fixed : Portfolio Skills as tags lists in singe portfolio page
    Updated : Header vertically alignment to center
    Added : Increase header height from theme options panel
    Updated : Scroll to top icon disabled in Mobile Devices
    Fixed : Menu Hover background color
    Fixed : Menu Hover Text background color
    Fixed : functions.php file modified for child theme extendibility

    ## 2.0 – 2014-07-17

    Fixed : Background Attachment scroll in Chrome
    Added : Deviant sociable option added in staff box shortcode
    Updated : Revolution Slider - Version 4.5.95
    Fixed : Business Hours plugin deprecated function issue
    Added : Stickybar bottom border
    Fixed : Twitter API updated
    Fixed : Topbar responsive text alignment
    Fixed : Fixed-Header responsive menu fixed 
    Updated : Admin User Interface

    ## 1.7.6 – 2014-04-04

    Fixed : Section Background Color messup
    Updated : Section Background Overlay changed
    Added : Sticky Bar enable/disable by default
    Added : Price Tables Shortcode Textcolor atrribute
    Fixed : Menu parent Hover Color issue

    ## 1.7.5 – 2014-03-28

    Updated : Slider Revolution to latest version 4.2
    Updated : Admin UI Changed and Loading more faster
    Added : Section Video Background Shortcode
    Fixed : Section Background Color Property Missing
    Added : New Admin Interface
    Updated : Testimonial Pagination working if is frontpage
    Updated : Carousel Events Pagination working if is frontpage
    Updated : Carousel Blog Pagination working if is frontpage
    Fixed : Options Panel Break on few plugins
    Updated : Prefix Added for the Options Framework

    ## 1.7.4 – 2014-02-27

    Fixed : Missing Menu in Phones when Fixed Header is Selected
    Fixed : wrong testimonial website name post meta
    Updated : Slider Revolution 4.2 

    ## 1.7.3 – 2014-02-17

    Fixed : Testimonial Missing Website/Company Name

    ## 1.7.2 – 2014-02-13

    Fixed : Header Issue in Mobile Landscape and Portrait Mode
    Fixed : Fixed-Header Menu disappearance in responsive mode.
    Updated : Added new fontawesome icons
    Updated : Missing code in modernizer.js

    ## 1.7.1 – 2014-01-28

    Fixed : Testimonials Fade Speed default value.
    Fixed : Missed Fixed Header Option in theme options

    ## 1.7 – 2014-01-20

    Added : Testimonials Speed Option in Theme Options
    Added : NEW Fixed Header Style

    ## 1.6 – 2014-01-01

    Fixed: Child theme compatibility.
    Fixed: Lazy load for the backend
    Added: add_filter for theme options
    Added: add_filtershortcode meta
    Fixed: Testimonial Submission Content missing
    NEW: Breadcrumb-Plus plugin replaced with Breadcrumb Navxt

    ## 1.5 – 2013-12-03

    Fixed: Menu active link color issue 
    Fixed: Testimonial form submission widget error
    Fixed: Undefined variable color issue
    Fixed: Color picker Image path in admin.css
    Fixed: Logo alignment issue in Mobile Portrait/Landscape view
    Fixed: Blog shortcode single category posts select issue
    Fixed: “Topbar Background” and “Topbar Text” color issue in header 1
    Added: Google Map shortcode visibility checkbox field
    Added: Google font preview in Theme Option Panel
    Added: Portfolio column grids css code in style.css
    Changed: Sidebar widget title replaced h2 to h4 in skin.php
    Changed: Post meta style function changed in atp_generator.php
    Changed: Time duration 3000 to 6000 has changed in testimonial.php
    Updated: Buttons shortcode css updated in shortcode.css
    Updated: Image shortcode has revamped
    Updated: Portfolio shortcode has revamped

    ## 1.4 – 2013-11-24

    Added : Light Skin for the theme
    Added : 11 Google Web Fonts
    Udpated : Revolution Slider to v4.0
    Added : Black/White Sociable Icons option in shortcode
    Added : Black/White Sociable Icons option in widget
    Added : Admin Interface Changed with New Icons

    ## 1.3.1 – 2013-10-11

    Fixed : White screen on theme activation
    Added : Added New sample data xml file with custom animation

    ## 1.3 – 2013-10-09

    Fixed : Custom Animation Shortcode Not working
    Added : 25 More custom animation effects
    Updated : Documentation file typo fixes
    Tested :  WHCMS Compatibility tested.

    ## 1.2.1 – 2013-09-22

    Added : 15 PSD Templates

    ## 1.2 – 2013-09-11

    Removed: Nivo Slider CSS enqueue from head.php
    Removed: Unwanted code from skin.php
    Fixed: Footer widget column display issue
    Fixed: Single portfolio Image alignment if image is small
    Fixed: Duplicate menu and footer skin color properties
    Fixed: Superfish menu dropdown delay speed from "superfish.js" 
    Added: New sample data xml file

    ## 1.1 – 2013-09-05

    Updated : WordPress-3.6 compliance
    New Feature : CSS3 Animations for the shortcodes in generator
    Fixed : WP 3.6 update issues    
    Fixed : Services shortcode Title and Icon alignment issue has fixed .
    Updated : "Services" and  "Services Icons" css code updated in style.css
    Fixed : Messages box close issue ("span.close")
    Fixed : Icons shortcode alignment issue. (left, right & center)
    Added : CSS3 Animations for the shortcodes in generator

    Note : Images used in the live preview is only for live demo and are purchased from shutterstock. We are not responsible for any damage of copyright infringement if you use any of the images used from our live demo.


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